We created a team of young designers and developers living in Athens with the goal of creating webpages that satisfy their user's goals.

A flash game


Seven brides for seven brothers... Emm, seven colours for seven little games that take you from modernism to post-modernism and from cave paintings to kid's drawings.
Play here.

Yiannis Kassetas & The Funk Wizards Album Design


Album design for Yiannis Kassetas & The Funk Wizards. Underwater photos by Dimitris Karalis. See it here.

Fyto Magazine No1

A student magazine/fanzine I edited with 5 friends in the School of Informatics from early 2005 to 2006. It is difficult to exclude from my works for emotional reasons.
Issue 1 // Issue 2 // Issue 3 // Issue 4 // Issue 5 // Issue 6