Blind Crossing

A film crew abandons its fiction project to focus on the lives of the two leading men who are both visually impaired. Duration 55'41''
Year 2015

A documentary-comedy on vision, nature, hunans and movies.

Athens International Film Festival 2015, Chalkida Greek Documentary Festival 2015.

Produced and directed by: Yannis Kalantidis, Andreas Vakalios
Photography: Gabriela Gerolemou, Fili Olsefski
Appearing: Kostas Vasilis, Stratis Chatzicharalambous, Lefteris Zervakis
Music: Spiros Vrionis, Vasilis Valomenos, Lefteris Zervakis, Andreas Sardelis, Paris, Yannis Kalantidis, Andreas Vakalios, Fili Olsefski
Editing-sound: Andreas Vakalios
Mastering: Kostas Filaktidis

Kostas and Stratis are two completely different characters. Kostas listens to junk music while Stratis to ethnic. Kostas is afraid of cats while Stratis had dozens. Kostas is a teaser while Stratis is politically correct. However they have one thing in common: They are both visually impaired.

They would play two blind hitmen, in the short we wanted to make near a lake on the mountains. We decided to shoot a documentary instead; same place, same people, different story.

Kostas and Stratis explore the lake, argue about canes and discuss their experiences. After one day of shooting, Stratis has to leave urgently. Kostas continues his adventure, meeting farmers, petting animals, rafting, telling stories and teasing his best friend from school.